Things 3 iOS vs iPad with Drafts

I LOVE using Drafts for mind dumping and later sorting into Things 3 for processing and review. Using macOS and iOS action (Callback URL) I have no issues. However, when using iPad, I am unable to get the task into Things. Since I have Drafts synced on al three devices (iOC, macOS, and iPadOS), changing one changes them all. Any way to have the Callback URL work for iPadOS?

I am a little out of my league here…

I’m going to guess that (as per the Things docs), that you are using an actin that is not allowing you to use the right authentication token for every one of your devices. From your description, I think(?), you are okay on the Mac, and iOS, but enabling it to run on your iPad results in it not working on you iOS device. In fact from what I understand of the Things docs I just looked at (I’m not a Things user), I think the authorisation token might actually be for the device rather than the OS.

I addressed exactly this sort of issue in the support for Bear I added to my library of code for Drafts. It may be that whatever action you happen to be using could be modified to accommodate that.

The alternative would be to have multiple actions that are the same, but perhaps have a different credential reference based on what device you choose to run it on.

So the former would figure out which authorisation token to use, the latter you would effectively be manually instructing it which to use.

Can you provide a link to your Things action so we could take a look at what sort of modification could be made?

Hi @Reggie_Lyell, I’m a Things user and have written a few actions for Things in Drafts. Let me know if I can help. If you can add a bit more detail about what action you are using, what it does on your iPhone, and whether it gives some kind of error on your iPad, that would be really helpful.

have Drafts set up to use the microphone—> New Draft as a capture device for thoughts that come to me while working, driving, etc. When I create a new draft, I have actions set (from the actions directory) to send to Things 3 as a task. This is seamless on my phone and iMac. Creation of the draft is no issue on the iPad, but when I use the same action (Drafts is synced across iPhone/iMac/iPad), the task does not create in Things 3. Also, I have the Draft set to automatically move to track. This works on iPad, but the task does not show.
I have to go back into the trash on my iPhone or iMac and then tap the Things 3 action and it migrates.

This is not a big deal since I don’t use iPad enough and can use the Drafts capture from the web, but thought it strange.


I still think if it is based on a URL scheme and requires a per device authorisation token, that would explain things. But without the action link it is just a blind guess.