Things 3 date/folder change

I am looking for a modification to change a draft moving into Things 3 from the Inbox to the Today folder. I’m sure this is a simple process for some, but I have not been able to make it work. Have any of you done this or have an idea how to do so?

Drafts actions that work with Things are based on URL schemes. Things provides a cool Link Builder tool to build URLs for use with integrations, that create URLs with all the proper values for things like the list to target.

I would start with that tool to generate a URL for use in Drafts. The key bits that would be specific to Drafts would be using template tags for the values you want to insert from your draft when creating the task. Most commonly, these values would be [[title]] for the “title” value and [[body]] for the “notes” (if you have more specific needs, read about Drafts templates).

Once you get the URL from that tool, I would:

  • Duplicate your “Task in Things” action in Drafts (long press on iOS, right-click on Mac).
  • Edit the copy, and paste the new URL in the “template” field of the one “Callback URL” action step.
  • Change the name and any other values (e.g. “Task in MY-LIST”.

Hope this helps!

If using the Thing3 Parser action group try this as text - it uses markdown syntax and creates a new today action called ‘a new task’ in the Today list

- a new task @when(today)

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I tried searching the directory and couldn’t find any action group called “things3 parser”, or anything near that. I found a “Things Templates” action group when I searched for “things 3” and no action groups when I searched for “things3”. There were 14 “things” action groups when I searched for that and filtered the names of the results.

My best guess is that you mean “Things Parser” whch in the description uses the phrase “Things Parser 3”.

Things Parser 3 turns TaskPaper documents into Things tasks and projects. See below for examples of the syntax, or read my blog post for more details.

Is that the one you were referring to?

Hi, yes - looks like it’s Things Parser - sorry for confusion.

I wasn’t aware you could actually use today as the value for when but you can!

Here’s a specific example one might use in their own X-Callback-URL Drafts action step:


Perhaps its conceited, but if I may, I’d like to offer up my recently-published Things Update action for examination for its (creative, I’d like to think) use of Things’ URL scheme x Drafts’ template tags.