Themes and the Sidebar etc

I am exploring themes but I am not able to change anything other than the editor window and its contents.

Referring to the docs I should be able to change everything in the sidebar, but nothing works for me when I do this - in fact all themes (even OOB themes) just show a white background. If I change in appearance it will switch between light and dark, but I have no control over anything else that is not the editor

Any ideas what is wrong? Many thanks.

What is your flow modifying themes? As cover in the docs the interface color values control those element outside the editor on iOS. Those are the values in the JSON file under colors.interface.

You can test by loading your theme in the Theme Builder and the items in the “Colors: Interface” section will affect the Interface preview as they would when loaded into Drafts.

hi @agiletortoise. Yes I amended using the Theme Builder ( I edited the Things Light and Polar Dawns for example) but nothing affects the Interface. Even the Out Of the Box themes do not affect the interface only the editor (⊙.☉)7

On iOS? Interface colors are only an iOS feature, they do not change interface elements on the Mac version.

Aaaah! So sorry. A definite case of RTFM