Theme Builder Tool

We’ve released a new online Theme Builder tool for manipulating themes. It’s best suited to making minor tweaks to existing themes. The video below is a quick walkthrough of how to load a theme from the Directory and make tweaks to it.

The theme builder is not a complete solution, by any means, but it’s a lot easier than directly editing the raw JSON format in a text editor.

Reading over the documentation on Creating Themes is still a good idea to get a feel for what the different elements in the theme do.


The theme builder is an awesome tool. Thanks for making it and sharing the video!

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Oh My GiDDY Aunt - I have been thinking how something like this might be so useful to me - but hadn’t registered because - well - why would i want to interrupt your dev schedule.
Not tried it yet - but watched the video - and WOW. Thankyou.
No need to log things anymore - I clearly just need to think and wish !

Awesome - thank you so very much.

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