The "Select Action" window

By accident, I discovered the “Select Action” window this morning. It can be accessed by right clicking on a Draft in the Drafts list and selecting “Run Action…”

It’s a beautiful window that I wish I could access more easily. (I feel like I must be overlooking something. Right-clicking in the Drafts list is the only way I’ve found to open it.)

I’d love to see this as a menu bar item in a future version so I could assign a keyboard shortcut.

Also, a few UX changes would allow for using it much like the “Commands” modal introduced in BBEdit 12.5.

  • Up/down arrow keys could be used to navigate the list without removing focus from the search input
  • When editing the search input, the first list item is highlighted by default. Just press Enter to launch the the currently selected Action.

A feature request wouldn’t be complete without an an unsolicited design. :upside_down_face:

under the view menu, choose “Show Action List”


Similar, but that shows the window attached in the sidebar vs. in a modal context.

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