The numbered list doesn't re-number after item insert/delete

Not sure if this is intentional or not, but for numbered lists, whenever I insert an item, delete an item, or do a line-based rearrange, the numbers of the items in the list remains as it is, and the numbering is not being redone to reflect the changes made.

EDIT: I assume this is known/intentional, but wondering if there is an easy way for doing the renumbering.

Do you mean for Markdown? If so, the rendering engine should take care of the renumbering when it converts it. Try previewing it.

If you just want to renumber text in the Draft, then you would need an action to do that. I don’t recall seeing anything built in.

There’s nothing built in. There are some actions that do it in the directory.

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I think I’d try just using ‘1.’ For each numbered list item. That way you can insert and delete and rearrange to your heart’s content.

On the other hand if you are actually using the item numbers elsewhere that approach might not be helpful.

But Preview is the definitive numberer of bullets.

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great, the action seems to work perfect. Thank you!