The Files action on iOS/iPadOS does not work with Save in Place

Since bulk moving of notes from Drafts to DEVONthink To Go by x-callback URL means an ongoing and annoying automatic switching between both apps I decided to go with the Files action. DEVONthink To Go allows Save in Place, it is visible in the Files App, and other apps can save in DEVONthink To Go’s databases and groups.

I had to find out that Drafts can not, if I did not do anything wrong. But it’s a simple action and I was able to make it work on the Mac, so I don’t think it was me. In Drafts when setting a Bookmark DEVONthink To Go is greyed out. Why?

To appear in the Files app on iOS, apps implement File Provider extensions. Not all apps implement all options of these extensions. In fact most only implement a subset and are not compatible with Bookmarks as a result.

More details in the User Guide Bookmarks article.

Could you be specific on what options of the File Provider extensions are missing so Drafts would be able to save in DEVONthink like other apps?

There is no Action Log on mobile if I haven’t overlooked it. But maybe your developer’s version of Drafts allows you to see why an action failed.

I have not implemented a File Provider, so don’t know the exact technical details. As mentioned in the link I provide, it relates to making folders, not just files, available through their extension.

I don’t own Devonthink, but I’d guess what’s going on is reflected in the action name. Save in place couldn’t work because it’s probably designed to receive a file and then add it to Devonthink where it is. To do this with Drafts, the best way would probably be to create a folder somewhere, add a bookmark to that and then have DevonThink import from there. comes down to the old, Drafts doesn’t use files, it’s a database thing, I think.