The best way to deal with app registration numbers etc

This is probably a bit of a weird question but I’ve been struggling with something and maybe someone here has an idea that could help.

Over the years I have purchased many programs. These programs usually come with a registration code. I moved them all into Evernote into a notebook called registrations. This was easily searched and was something that I came to depend upon more than I thought I would.

However, Evernote has very much gone downhill over the last period of time. I switched from it to Obsidian, and now use the Drafts app quite a bit to write in.

But I’m still not really sure where to put all these registrations. I did export them out of Evernote and I can easily bring them into Drafts or Obsidian.

The thing is, they will never serve any purpose that Obsidian does, like note making. So what the heck do I do with them?

One thought is that I could put them in Drafts, in a workspace just for them.

Another thing I could do is probably put them in obsidian in a folder that I don’t include in links or searches other than if I specifically want to search that folder. I think that’s possible. It does not seem very elegant to me but it does seem possible.

Yet another thing I could do is probably input these, one by one in 1Password.

If you have any ideas on these lines, I would sure appreciate suggestions. I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure this out and I’ve got nowhere. So I figured maybe someone here has figured out a solution that would help me as well.

I keep mine in 1Password. Application regsitration codes are private codes that I don’t want other people using at my expense, so they get stored securely, and 1Password has entry types specifically to cater to things like that.

I use Drafts, Obsidian and 1Password on a daily basis, but I also started keeping my software registration codes in 1Password the best part of a decade ago, so I haven’t had any mass migration need.

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OK, good idea. I will begin the process of migrating those things into one password. Probably be by hand, one on at a time. But once there it will be secure. Also easily found.

By the way, may I ask how you use drafts and obsidian together? I’m just really curious. I’m trying to dial in a better workflow.

Drafts is where I capture stuff while I am on Apple devices.

Obsidian is where I keep text notes (multiple vaults) no matter what device I’m on.

DEVONthink is where I keep my rich content and reference materials when I am on Apple devices (personal), and Microsoft OneNote when I am on Windows (work).

But I would note that they are all just points, not processes or workflows. My processes vary by need, project, area of life, who the content needs to be shared with (if anyone) and what access they require, … and numerous other factors I probably don’t even realise.

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Honestly, this is pretty low-tech and low-security, but I just search for my registration codes in my email and on the occasions that fails, most reputable developers using license keys have a “recover my licenses” link on their support page that will re-email to your licenses to the email they have on file.

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Yes, it sure is - Agiletortoise. It’s just that I have so many emails that I worry I will delete one accidentally or what have you. I have around 225 I think that I want to keep. It probably wouldn’t be half bad just keep these in a workspace within drafts.

This has been what I’ve been kind of trying to figure out it’s not that they are very high security and I suppose I should save that kind of thing for 1password. It’s just that I would like to search for them occasionally.

Personally I am using 1Password for this although I’m not happy with the expensive subscription it had become.

If you don’t want that I’d either go for a simple solution like a spread sheet or even a text file. No vendor lock-in whatsoever.

Or if you want to use an app for then one that allows separate databases (like DEVONthink) to not mix up your registration numbers with your other stuff.

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Suavito - I definitely understand about the expensive subscription that 1Password has become. Seems like everybody now wants to do things via subscription. I think it will soon begin backfiring altogether as people start cutting down on what they are willing to spend monthly for. I do believe the developer should be paid and paid well. And I do like the idea of having a monthly subscription as an option. I wish there was an option that was a multi year one payment. That would probably make me the happiest.

All that said, I am pretty much locked into 1Password. Even then, I have really struggled with where to keep this stuff. This is why I posted originally in case anybody had some good ideas. A text file might be an interesting idea. Of course then I would have to try and figure out how to get an Evernote export into one text file.

Speaking of ongoing payments, this is how I ended up in this mess. Thinking that Evernote would be something that would be worthwhile. Then they started going downhill something fierce. And then I found out I am really locked in. But I refused to be locked in with them because they keep taking away things and adding garbage that I don’t want. I don’t think I would go back to them under any condition. Now there are terrific options and it looks to me like this Drafts app is one of them. The ask is reasonable with Drafts and being able to get my feet wet for $4.99 for a year was the thing that nudged me forward. Now I’m seeing what a great app it really is.

I use and encourage 1Password or similar. That said, you could use the Rot13 actions to obfuscate the text of the registration codes. That will confound 99.9% of the population. Though it would not be deemed secure against a motivated actor.