Thank You to the Drafts Forum Community

I just wanted to post a general thanks to this forum for being, well, fucking awesome.

Drafts is one of my all-time favourite apps and I’m a happy, many years, paying customer. I stumbled upon this forum last year, pre-pandemic, when I was trying to get my head around scripting functionality. It was so cool so see @agiletortoise post directly and suggest a great book (that I haven’t yet finished) that serves as an introduction to JavaScript (but also programming fundamentals) that was super helpful to me, both in Drafts and other scripting areas I’ve been experimenting with lately. I mean, how awesome is to get direct feedback and help from the developer of one of your favourite apps?

And of course @sylumer is always quick to jump in with helpful suggestions and help, no matter how brain dead I must seem with my scripting conundrums.

I feel like a lot of ink gets spilled about the toxic nature of online platforms, but there isn’t nearly enough credit where it’s due in forums like these that are friendly, helpful and informative.

So to @agiletortoise and the Drafts Forum community - thank you! :pray:


Thanks for the kind words. We certainly try to keep it supportive here, and I feel lucky to have such a great group of users willing to help each other out!


What’s the title of the book?

Eloquent Javascript. Remarkably, the author has made it free, available on his site, or as an ebook. I think you can also buy the paper book. There is a handy javascript interpreter on the site too that loads and validates a lot of the lessons:


Thanks for sharing this.