TextExpander not working, replace date/time macros with keyboard Actions?

TextExpander stopped working after an iOS update, I used it with Drafts to insert date/time stamps, for instance “qqq” to insert “2021-06-05 14:06:30” or “qqw” to insert "14:06 work ".

I found an Action to run InsertText “[[date|%A, %B %d, %Y at%l:%M %p]]\n\n” which looks promising, but it seems to require tapping a menu. Is there a way to run an Action from the iPhone / iPad keyboard?

Are you running the latest public releases of Drafts and TextExpander, or by any chance were you on the really old version of TextExpander? I think it was the old one that finally just fell out of OS compliance lately and so might explain your issue.

You can set action groups to appear as an extended keyboard row which puts the actions as buttons on a special row above your soft keyboard, or at the bottom of the screen if you are using a hardware keyboard.

I just use an “Insert Text” action with the script:

[[date|%Y.%-m.%-d at %-l:%M:%S%p: ]]


Thanks! Update:
TextExpander is working though marginally and mysteriously. I couldn’t find the legacy version to reload, pulled down a copy of the current version, was urged to subscribe, declined that, but now my TE snippets are working in Drafts 5. Figuring out a long term solution will have to wait, I have other priorities.

Thanks again.

The Actions functionality looks rich and capable. Since TextExpander started working again, I need to get back to the deadline at hand but it’s great to know more about Actions.
Next topic for when I get back is: how to trigger actions from the keyboard, to maintain consistency with the TE workflow.

Thanks @RichardFairbanks !
How do you trigger the Action?