Textexpander for Tags

i have a snippet, ppii, which expands into productinsight. i tried to create a tag using the snippet but it wouldn’t expand.

i’m not certain if this is a bug, but assuming it’s not, i’d like to request it as a feature, please.

current versions of drafts and ios, iphone 7+

much thanks,

As far as I know, and I may be missing something, TextExpander is only currently supported on iOS in the main editor pane and through template expansion.

cool. so…not a bug, as i suspected.

is still like to suggest this as a feature request. more textexpander in more places :grinning:

thanks so much for the reply!

You’ll find that Apple’s own text replacement (Settings>General>Keyboard>Text Replacement) does work in the tags box.

great workaround! thanks. in this case, it may be a temporary project, and i’m not sure i want text replacement competing with textexpander, but super thanks! i may have to do that because i’ll be writing a lot in drafts about this project, and i will tag the entries (though once created, probably work now).

still. brilliant. thanks!

No worries. Also, it’s worth noting that Apple’s text replacement will support multi-line text snippets too. The snag is that these can only be set up on macOS. However, they do expand, as expected, on iOS.

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cool. i actually didn’t know that. i thought they were limited to one line. thanks!