TextExpander doesn’t work with keyboard shortcuts

all my expansion starts with ‘;’, eg ‘;dt’. If enter from keyboard, it will expand. I created a shortcut for ‘;’ in keyboard shortcuts . If I enter ‘;’ using the shortcut, followed by e.g: ‘dt’, it doesn’t expand.

In drafts 4 both methods work well.

I’m having that issue to. I have an extension for iPhone X (iix is the shortcut) and it doesn’t work. But others do. I’m wondering if I’m having sync issues in TextExpander between my Macs at home and work. So that’s something to check.


That was my problem. Just logged into TE and fixed the problem.

Hi, I have a similar problem, but explaining the slight differences may help to diagnose, perhaps. Most of my TextExpander shortcuts begin with a ‘\’ [backslash]. My migrated keyboard extension from Drafts 4 for the ‘\’ fails with an “Unexpected EOF” error as did my first attempt to recreate it. Recreating it and defining it as ‘\’ causes that key to place a single ‘\’ in the draft body, but that backslash is not recognized as starting my TE shortcuts within Drafts, so they go unexpanded. If I use the iOS keyboard to type the backslash character, TE shortcuts expand as expected, but it would be nice to have the one key access on the expanded keyboard. Thanks for any help, and perhaps this may help in some way.

I’m having the same problem.

I have a fix for this coming in the next update.