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Hope all is well. I am a social worker and I write a bunch of clinical notes. My question is I need to create a body for a clinical note with appropriate drop down sections to change appropriate clinical information. Is there any way to; make a paragraph with drop down sections. For example; bathing; ( drop down ) independent, supervision, limited assistance, extensive assistance, max assistance and total dependence. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Notes themselves and the editor in Drafts are just plain text. There is not a way to embed any kind of structure form controls like drop-down lists.

It is possible write actions that prompt you for information which includes those sort of selections, and create new drafts with those values filled in. That is not a beginner feature, but would require scripting. Do you have any experience with scripting? We might start you in the right direction if you wanted to create something like this.

I would like to learn; what’s my next step. Thanks

just as a sidenote: there is an (old) thread which might be useful for this usecase: Simple shortcut replacement

I realize that this would involve using another app in addition to Drafts (and hopefully this is not rank heresy!), but one solution would be to use TextExpander, which has a very simple means to do the sort of thing you are looking to do. TextExpander integrates nicely with Drafts, too, even on mobile devices.

Please have a look on this action ‘Process draft as menu’ :

[Process draft as menu | Drafts Directory]

In your case, you could first create a draft with title ‘Bathing’, and add the following lines to its content:

- independent
- supervision
- limited assistance
- extensive assistance
- max assistance
- total dependence

In another draft used as a clinical note, write where you need to:


…and launch the action. A menu will prompt you with all the different ways of bathing. Select the one you want (for instance ‘supervision’) and the line will be edited this way:

Bathing: supervision

It works with whatever draft amongst your drafts, for any other clinical observation :slight_smile: