Template for recurent content

It may be obvious but I didn’t find the info: I d like an action that fills in the new draft note with a template I.e. a list of fields in the form of a few lines. Like this:

I d like to to this for lecture notes, journal note, meeting…
I saw we can template to export notes but not this

Have you read the tip thread on templates yet?

There’s also the option of using the inbuilt file-based templating too, though people generally find that less convenient to maintain the templates than the above.

Yes, thanks Sylumer, this doc initiated my reflexion about this,
I understood this Doc as a way to make templates to export the notes.
What I want is an easy solution to add bits of text while (or when I begin to) writing the note IN drafts.

No. It is for templating within Drafts for use in Drafts. It is not applying any templating for an export transformation.

You could create a ShortCut. In the Shortcut, in the text block you create the template you want and create a new Draft with it. Here a link to a Shortcut creating meeting template in Drafts based on selected calendar event: Shortcuts and below part of the Shortcut, creating a Draft based on a template.

There’s no need for this. As @sylumer has indicated, Drafts has in-built templates for use WITHIN Drafts. No point in over-egging the cake unnecessarily. Further, these Drafts templates work on macOS and iOS, whereas Shortcuts is iOS-only.

The “Creating New Drafts with Template” tip pointed to above is a easy to to maintain a set of templates in drafts, which can be used to create new pre-filled drafts. This is probably the best approach, in that it allows you create/maintain those templates easily, and supports carrying over attributes other than the text to the new draft (like tags, syntax assigned).

The other approach, which I think you are getting at is to create the draft yourself, and be able to fill it in with a template. To do that, it is easiest to create actions with a “Insert Text” step, which, as you might imagine, inserts text from the template in the action in the current draft.