Tell Siri to start in specific language

I dictate in several languages.
Is there a way to tell Siri with Drafts, dictate in French/English etc then beginning the dictation ?
(I am talking both iPhone/iPad and watch here).

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Yes on iOS.

No on watchOS.

On iOS, language can be selected in the dictation interface, and it remembers your last selection - but you can also create URL based actions (or shortcuts from other apps) which open dictation directly to a specific language.

Here is a sample for Italian, which can be adapted by change the locale string in the URL. This example úses “it-IT” for Italian, other examples are “en-US” (US English), “es-MX” (Mexican Spanish), etc.

watchOS does not currently have a way for an app to request a language/locale. It can only be selected by the user by force touching once in the dictation interface.

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I uploaded the modified action for French Hebrew and Uk English

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So I create a note by invoking Siri and can dictate it in the language I want. Very useful whilst driving.
Is there a vocal command to end the dictation (so as to keep my eyes on the road )?