Tell Person in OmniFocus | Drafts Action Directory

Posted by @pldcrl, Last updated: 2018-06-04 22:12:16 UTC

This action is to set up a simple draft to be processed by @mattbirchier’s Smart Task in OmniFocus action. You can preload the script in this action with a person’s name (someone you often need to be reminded to pass information to), as well as a predefined OmniFocus Context and Project. Then, for example, a simple draft like “the meeting this week” can be turned into “tell Robert about the meeting this week” and loaded into OmniFocus with the Project Meetings and the Context Robert. I designed this so that I wouldn’t forget to tell my wife about important yet fleeting thoughts thought the day. Of course, you can also edit the script to include additional recognizable tags for the Smart Task in OmniFocus action.

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