Tasks Widget not Displaying Tasks → solved

Merry Christmas Eve everyone :christmas_tree:

I’ve just started to look into using the new Tasks widget (after reading a great article by @FlohGro on MacStories Weekly) and, despite adding a number of tasks (prefixed with - [ ]), the widget says - no tasks found -". This is the same on my iPhone and MacBook. Am I doing something wrong?

You haven’t shown us what you have configured - that would be useful to review as otherwise we have to guess what you have setup.

Can you show us your widget config and your draft content (suitably revised if there is anything private)?


# My tasks
-[ ] task 1
-[x] task 2
-[ ] task 3

That being said, with the above settings and after a reboot for good measure, with multiple widget sizes I am seeing no tasks … so I suspect your setup may be similar.

Tapping the widget in each case also takes me to the correct draft.

I’ve tried experimenting with line spacing and check spacing, with no difference.

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I’ve setup mine similarly but I switched off the „include completed tasks“
I’m using the GitHub Markdown Syntax and it works without issues for me.
What Syntax do you use?

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Thanks to both of you for the quick replies :slightly_smiling_face:

It was the syntax. I had it set to “Draftsdown” and changing it to “GitHub Markdown” got the widget working.

Apologies for not sharing the additional information, I was rushing a little when I posted.

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Changing the syntax was the key for it to display for me too. If there’s a syntax prerequisite, I would suggest that adding that alongside the OS requirements in the widget documentation.

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Just FYI, syntaxes did need updates to work with the new task handling. The Draftsdown syntax was updated by it’s creator, you would need to update the syntax in your installation (or re-install the latest version from the link above) for it to work.


Thanks all. Confirmed that updating Draftsdown to latest version and changing the task draft back to that syntax means the widget now works with it :+1:

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