TaskPaper to OmniFocus Project action no longer works

I’ve been using an action for years that converts a Draft — which consists of TaskPaper-formatted tasks — into Projects in OmniFocus. It now results in an unhelpful error when it fails, giving me no clue what’s broken.

I’ve tried it using OmniFocus Pro 3 and 4, on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Same results.

I don’t see a newer version of this action on the directory.

Is there a better way to do OmniFocus project templates?

If you post a link to the action, the error message, the action log entries, and a sanitised (replace anything sensitive with sample text but ensure the structure remains) version of the draft you are processing.

The draft content should be placed between a pair or triple back ticks ``` on separate lines so that the forum shows the raw text of the draft rather than trying to interpret or reformat it.

With those details, chances are we can explain what is going on.

OmniFocus has a few options, so once we have a clear idea of how you are working better alternatives might be possible to suggest.

First thing is to get the details behind what you are doing.

Thanks, sylumer; I discovered I had multiple versions of the action installed. I had an outdated version in my Actions group. All good now!