TaskPaper Syntax

I read Dr. Drang’s article talking about Drafts 5 recognition of Taskpaper syntax. Back when Jesse was maintaining Taskpaper on IOS I used it extensively and I would love to return to it. Drafts appears to be the ideal platform to support it. When I enter Taskpaper format text into a draft however I do not see any of the formatting that Dr. Drang spoke of in his article. What am I missing?

Have you set the draft to use Taskpaper syntax?

If not…

See syntax highlighting section on this help page.

Select Taskpaper as the syntax.


Yes, late last night I finally stumbled across that feature. I thought I had read the fine manual, but I ended up going to bed telling myself once again RTFM. Anyway, thanks for confirming. Drafts just continues to impress.

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