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As a former Drafts 4 User I am very intrigued by Tags used in Drafts 5. With Omnifocus 3 Tags will get still more important for me and I am very interested in using them in Drafts 5.

At the moment I heavily use Devonthink (DTTG) on iOS but I fail in sharing Tags from Drafts to DTTG. Every time I send a Draft from Draft 5 to DTTG only the text is shared, but no tags arrive in DTTG. I tried the “Share” action in Drafts and the “Send to Devonthink” action from agile tortoise.

Could you help me? Do I have to configure something in DTTG before Tags work? Or do I have to modify the Actions in Drafts?

Looking forward to your help!


You can specify it in the URL scheme. For example:

x-devonthink://x-callback-URL/createText?title=[[date|%Y%m%d%I%M]]%2D[[title]]&[[date]]&text=[[line|4…]]&location=[[line|2]]&tags=[[tags]]&destination=(UUID OF GROUP OR LEAVE BLANK FOR GLOBAL INBOX)

tags=[[tags]] assigns the Drafts 5 tags to the DEVONthink Item

You could also do tags=[[line|#]] and on the specified line add tags comma separated.

And it might be helpful to refer to this action, which lets you manually specify tags when sending Markdown to DevonThink. Could tweak that script to just the actual Drafts tags instead.


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Here is the URL action from above I created: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1F8

Thanks, this one did it.

May I ask why you choose .adb as the file format and not .txt?

@Chrome where are you seeing the file format as .adb?

In my action, it creates a new document as .txt and @mattgemmell action creates a Markdown file.

@joshsullivan DEVONthink Pro Office on the Mac shows me the file as .adb. if I use your action…

Never saw this format before so I wanted to ask why it is created. Do you use DEVONthink on the Desktop? Does it show the file as a .txt (that format I would have chosen, too)?

@Chrome Yes I use DEVONthink Pro Office and that action creates the document in DEVONthink To Go, once that is synced to my SyncStore (I use Dropbox) in DTPO the file is also .txt

I’ve never seen it create another file format with that URL action, and I’ve created hundreds of new notes in DTTG with that action and another for markdown since the beginning of the Drafts 5 beta.

What is the Kind in the DTTG item in the Info panel?

@joshsullivan Strange… I installed the action you made and used it on my iPhone and iPad. In both cases the .adb format is created when I look at the file in the Inspector in DEVONthink Pro Office (see the screenshot).


@Chrome I think it may be best to post this over in the DEVONtechnologies forum: https://forum.devontechnologies.com

Seems like a DTPO issue versus a Draft issue, due to the fact the kind is Text. Appears to be an issue with the file extension.

I’ve found their forums very responsive and I know a lot of them use Drafts as well.

If you look the item up in DEVONthink To Go does the kind also show text?

@Chrome Try this action as well, it’s stripping a lot of the extra in my original action: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1Fq

It will add the Draft tags, Title is the first line of the draft, and the body of the draft becomes the body of the DTTG item.

@joshsullivan Thanks for your work and help! Sadly it stays the same with this modified action, still an .adb file in DTPO.

I don’t use DTPO, but could it be something about the structure of the data being passed in that DTPO ‘recognises’ as being a bit rather than just txt?

What happens if you try passing the same data to another app? From that you can potentially verify whereabouts the switch is occurring.

@Chrome I’m very sorry for this, but I’ve just realized that although BBEdit is great, it makes opening almost all files containing text extremely easy so I never check the actual file format and as I could open them in DTTG, I didn’t even think about the file format.

That being said, I am also seeing that URL create a plain text item with tags create a file with the .adb extension. It appears to be related to the passing of tags via the createText command. If you take out the &tags= from the URL it created a txt file perfectly.

I’ve created a post over the in the DEVONtechnologies Forum: Passing Tags via createText URL Scheme Creates .adb file

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@Chrome their support has acknowledged and can reproduce this bug.

In the meantime, you can use this action: https://actions.getdrafts.com/a/1Fw

It creates a markdown item in DEVONthink To Go with the first line of the draft as the title, then the body as the body of the item. It uses the Drafts tags as the DTTG item’s tags.

Had a little spare time and toyed with Drafts 4. The .adb file format is created there too with the “Send to Devonthink” Action, same as in Drafts 5. The .adb is even created with the standard action from agile tortoise in 4 and 5.

Only through the share sheet you get a a correct .txt.


For Devonthink the problem with the wrong file extension will be fixed in 2.6.


Thanks @joshsullivan for your help!

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