Tagging via AutoComplete

I created a simple auto-complete that enters the date, day of the year, and formats a little. I would like to at the same time add a tag. Is this possible?

Auto-complete can only insert text in the draft, it does not have any other abilities.

You could easily have an action with an “Insert Text” step that did the same thing as the auto-complete, but also assigned tags using it’s “After Success” options.

Can that be bound to a button on the editing toolbar, or to the !! (which I have actually reassigned to /). My aim is to create a new journal page, tag it as easily as possible across all platforms.

The Action Bar is the row of buttons below the editor, and simply displays actions from action groups, so, yes, any action can be placed there - or also assigned a keyboard shortcut if you are using an external keyboard.

You might also take a look at this tip if you are looking for easier ways to setup new drafts with some content and/or tags: TIP: Creating New Drafts with Templates

Thank-you. I’ll go away and think about which way to go.

I have a question about how tags in Drafts, are seen by DevonThink. Shall I ask that separately?