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Send each line of the draft to OmniFocus as a new task.

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This is fantastic. Forgive me lack of scripting knowledge, but is it possible to easily amend the script to parse only some lines as tasks? Eg. Ones that are prefixed with ‘!’ Or something?

My use case is to use drafts to capture meeting notes, and tasks within it - so to be able to parse for tasks with all the contextual info that this does would be amazing :slight_smile:

I shall start boning up on automation, but thought i’d (admittedly lazily) ask, just incase it was an easy thing to do…

Thanks so much!

Hi, Neil. Glad you like the script :grinning: Yep, you could pretty easily modify it to only create tasks from lines that begin with a certain character - perhaps a dash (-) or star (*)? I would prefer to use a star since it’s the standard Markdown character for writing lists, and dashes are already used to denote the task’s note.

I’ll give it some thought to see if there’s a sane way to integrate that functionality into the existing script, or if it would be better to just make it an entirely different action.

That would be both amazing and hugely appreciated! Being able to do that and tag items as you can in this would be a lifesaver:)

I’ll start trying to figure it out over the weekend, but I’m more confident in your abilities than mine :slight_smile:


I failed miserably in figuring this out…

Was crossing my fingers you might have been able to look at it…? :slight_smile: