Tag Set Management

It will be great to have a way to pre-define sets of tags that can be entered at once. This will be helpful common combinations of tags.

I tried entering a comma-delimited set of keywords into the tag field, but Drafts stripped the commas and entered all the words as one tag.

I suppose a possible workaround is to customize copies of my Save to Evernote action and predefine the keyword sets there.

Thanks for your consideration.

I’d probably opt to tie it into my actions either by having specific actions for specific types of note transfers or a menu that gives me some standardised options.

However, a quick comma separated entry of tags seemed like something that you might be able to make use of an build upon. I created a quick action that does this.

With a bit of luck that’ll get you a step closer :slight_smile:


You could also create an action with 0 steps and an “after success” configuration to assign a list of tags and run it. If it’s something you use a lot, put it in a keyboard group. That doesn’t require any scripting.



Perfect! Did not notice that there. Maybe that feature is worth noting in the documentation for Tags. :green_book:

Good point. It was added after those were written…need to update.

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