Tag Management Improvement

I would like to see an improvement to tag management. Ideally, it would mirror the action group manage screen. This would aid in deleting un-used tags, and/or applying tags en mass to selected drafts. Not 100% sure of the details of how to implement this, but I think it might be useful for users.


+1 to group management for tags. Is there currently a way to delete individual tags? After a few days, I had to rethink my tagging system and now I’m left with several I don’t need. I’m hoping I’ve missed it.

Tags delete themselves if there are not remaining drafts assigned to them (including in the trash can).

You can filter by a tag, and use the Select (hold to select all) -> Operations button to select and remove tags.

That’s why I didn’t see it then. All of my drafts are set to Archive instead of trash. Got it now. Thank you so much for responding! And great work on an amazing app!

Even once I’ve done this the deleted tags are still showing up as suggestions when I go to add a new tag to a draft. Is there any way to delete tags from here too?

There an X at the end of the suggestion list over the keyboard that clears the suggestion history. It clears all of it, but they’ll build back up as you use them.

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