Tag Filters: Showing Drafts with tags

I’m trying to wrap my head around more complex Workspaces but I’m having a bit of difficulty with getting the filtering straight.

I have my Workspaces setup for various projects with subject oriented tags and I have an “inbox” setup for untagged drafts. But I’d like to setup a Workspace with drafts that have been tagged but don’t reside in a subject oriented Worspace.

I don’t want to have to keep updating the Workspace’s tag filter every time I use a new tag and I can’t seem to find a way to show only those drafts that are tagged, but not using the subject tags I’m using.

This may be a weird usecase but I’d find it super useful if I could get this working. I’m trying to centralize my text based note system as I’m tired of having to manage multiple file libraries and multiple app subscriptions. Yet I don’t want Drafts to become an unorganized mess.

Is this even possible right now? If it isn’t could a new filter mechanism be added to allow users to accomplish something like this?


There is a way to exclude tags.

You would need to exclude based on the tags that specify your other workspaces, or the inverse if you are already using ‘negated’ tags.

Does that get you any closer?

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An “everything else” semantic would be nice. I was thinking much the same thing recently.

Not really. I think I did a poor job explaining myself in my initial post. For this Workspace that I call “Tagged/Unsorted” I want to see all my drafts that have a tag, but aren’t sorted in their own workspace. I have individual workspaces for large projects, but I still use tags on drafts that don’t fall within those for a bit of organization. I also don’t want these tagged files interfering with my “Untagged/Inbox” workspace which just shows all drafts without tags. Those drafts are in my “inbox” and are either quick temporary drafts or drafts that need to be organized/tagged.

So for my Tagged/Unsorted workspace I can easily remove the drafts that are tagged relating to my larger project areas (tags that have their own workspace already) using the !tag omit feature. But I can’t capture any of the other drafts with tags because as someone else responded, there’s no “everything else” tag filter. I could if I edited that workspace every single time I used a new tag, but that would be rather cumbersome. But sometimes tags are temporary and I still don’t want them cluttering up my “inbox”.


Hey— did you ever find a solution to this? I find myself thinking along similar lines…

Hi @DavisNL & @jsamlarose , what about building an action which will update your workspace with the workspace object?
This really depends on your tagging setup but if you have sth. like prefixes for your project related tags then it would be possible to:

  1. grep all your tags
  2. filter for all the project related tags (e.g. prefix “/pro-”)
  3. add all these tags to the omit list of your workspace
  4. in the end update() your workspace and it will contain all your tags.
    Of course you would need to call the action to update the tags but at least you wont need to add your project related tags by hand.
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Thanks. Took me a minute to think this through. I don’t use workspaces for projects like @DavisNL so it’s less likely for me to have a consistent tag prefix like this. My workspaces group types of drafts (journals, logs, code snippets, writing, draft communications, etc…). That said, this was an interesting suggestion, and for a minute, it led me to consider tagging all of my drafts that don’t fit in one of my predefined workspaces with a default tag. As it currently stands, however, I’ve started making use of a temp workspace action that I’ve set to filter for tags that I haven’t created workspaces for. Requires a bit of manual upkeep when I add a new tag, but I’m using that as a way to keep in touch with my categorising, rather than losing track of how functional/dysfunctional my tagging methodology might be…