Tag filter panel keyboard shortcut?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for the tag filter panel that I’ve thus far missed? If not, would it be possible to have one, and/or a javascript method that targets the search field in that panel?

I’d like to make better use of ad hoc tag filters, and I’ve accumulated A LOT of tags over the years. It’d be great to work with the tag panel that’s already available (and not have to build an action to replicate the behaviour that’ll likely be slower to run), but reducing the number of discrete actions to get to the built-in search/filter would be helpful.

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@derekvan’s action (yet another MGChecklist prompt!) works well enough. But I’d love to use the built-in panel more…

Kind of surprised there’s not a function for this, but I’ll put it on the list.


I vaguely remembered making a similar request years ago. Searching through my email, here’s the reply I got from Greg when I submitted a support ticket:

Request noted.

The search field over the list and quick search also searches tags, so you can just type your tags in that field to filter the list.

v23, which just came out yesterday, also adds support for the syntax “tag:tag-name” in the search fields, to search only in tags (not the content) for that term…so you can do CMD-L, then “tag:lettuce tag:tomato” (or whatever) as well. Possibly a good option.

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Thanks! Solid recommendation.

The benefit of the tag filter panel is the fact that it filters as you type. Picking from a list is much easier than typing out the entirety of a tag. Also, I have an inordinate number of drafts: typing anything in my search field is a bit painful! So much so that I have a prompt action I use to insert a fully formed query into the drafts list search bar so (with options for searching by title, tag or regular expression). :nerd_face:

Also, there’s something to be said for proximal results. When I use the tag filter panel, I’m often reminded of tags I’ve completely forgotten, which are sometimes unexpectedly useful in the context of what I’m searching for. I’m learning to love and appreciate that kind of allowance for serendipity.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I had no idea you could search by tag: xxx.