Tag autocomplete suggestions should include any portion of the tag, not only the first letters

Hello Greg,
When I start typing in the tag field in both Mac and iOS, Drafts has an autocomplete feature based on pre-existing tags.
My problem is that the auto-complete feature only considers pre-existing tags starting with the same letters.
I have one tag called (flu influenza). If I type flu, Drafts with display (flu influenza) as an autocomplete option, but if I type influenza, Drafts will not suggest (flu influenza) which is a pain because I have a gazillion tags and would like to avoid creating variants of the same tag with slight differences in the name.
In Apple Mail for example, if I have a contact with the email charles.manson@hell.com and I type manson, the email charles.manson@hell.com will appear as an autocomplete option.
thank you