TAD constantly updating

I’ve installed the new TAD with autoupdate (and updated the two groups I use: Writing and Power User).

However, auto update now keeps updating on every action.

I’ve tracked this down to the fact that TAD-Instructions requires version 20210531, but the downloaded tad.js is version 20210508.

So naturally the check is never satisfied and autoupdate runs every time.

I’ve toggled update off to get around this for now, but it seems like something is misaligned.

Could someone let me know what I’ve done wrong.



Hi Martin.

Firstly, you have of course, done nothing wrong, and everything rigth. I guess most people are not as good at spotting things as you, have not bothered reporting the issue, have not updated, or have turned off the auto update previously.

There was an update to the core action group on 31 May and it looks like I updated the version ID for what it required, but there was no corresponding change on this occasion to the library. The latest version remains at 20210508 (from 8 May). I guess there’s a step in my build & publish process that needs a revision! :roll_eyes:

I have just updated the (core) Thoughtasylum action group to amend (i.e. reduce) the version number in the TAD-Instructions description. Updating that action group should resolve the issue as it will stop looking for a version of the library that was never released, and in fact I have not released an update for the last couple of months.

If you check it, please do let me know if it does, or does not resolve the issue.

Hi Stephen,

That is fantastic - what an amazingly fast fix. I toggled updating back on and it works perfectly (ie. it does nothing :slight_smile: with the new core action group installed.

Thank you for much for TA, it has saved me so many times from having to write an action (or provided the perfect ‘include’ for my actions).

Today was the first time I’ve looked at the code and it’s seriously impressive.

Thank you,


No problem. Thanks for flagging it up.