Tabs on macOS (and iPadOS)

I more and more feel the need to have tabs in Drafts :slight_smile:
Of course you can open several windows on macOS or iPadOS but having Tabs in the app would be really great :relieved:

switching between and working on different drafts would be much better and easier when we cycle thorugh tabs in the app


I could enable system tabs on macOS pretty easily. I’ve experimented with them before, but I’ve been hesitant to roll them out because it seems like an interface element Apple has itself been moving away from and is generally not supported in their own apps, and in newer macOS design patterns - so I fear it will be less and less well supported in macOS as time goes on.


If you’re willing, I think it would be very popular with users. I’d love to see tabs. I think it would make my use more effective.

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I would love to see tabs but I understand that you don’t want to use system tabs if they will not be supported long term…
Is there no other solution available that you could use? Or even implement a custom tabs version?

I’d be curious to hear more of your thoughts on this. I don’t disagree—it feels like tabs are being removed from various apps and becoming less-discoverable overall. But is also feels like maybe they were overused once they became widely available, and this is Apple walking that back and making them specific to switching contexts, not just documents? Do you see, say, Safari moving towards something like Arc for all their apps, with the “tabs” on the side?

More Drafts-specific (and spitballing here) I feel tabs—however they were implemented—would be way less useful than being able to operate in more than one workspace at a time. I realize I can do that with multiple windows, and I can’t envision an scenario in which a third sidebar on the left would be space-efficient, especially on smaller screens, but… I…

So I’ve switched from writing this in the forum to writing it in Drafts and I’ve lost my momentum. It’s late, I’m tired, blah, blah, blah. I think, long/short, tabbed Workspaces (which handle the context-switching properties of tabs) would be more useful than tabbed drafts… My $0.02 at this late hour.

I was going to make this same request so definitely a +1 for me. Thanks for the consideration.

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Definitely a +ve vote for tabs from me, or a way to open a second document without all the gubbins.

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+1 from me on tabs as well. Perhaps as an experimental feature in the beta to see how it works.

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