I use Drafts a lot for storing code snippets, but I am missing a good syntax highlighter for various code languages. Any ideas?

Drafts is not really set up for code editing. You can find some syntaxes in the directory, but the syntax highlighting engine is not really appropriate for code highlighting, in general.

Thanks for your reply.
So, i want to create my own syntax. The user guide describes how to do this: When you are satisfied with your syntax, import it into Drafts by using the “Import” option in the editor preferences. However, But I did find such as possibility

By the way, in this case it is not a good start for me :wink:.

Are you using developer mode and files in iCloud Drive? If so, you can test these syntaxes in app without importing. When you have one ready for regular use, you can simply open the .draftsSyntax file in Drafts and it will ofter to import it, or you can use the “Import…” command on the context menu in Editor Preferences (see attachment).

Have you considered using a dedicated code snippet manager app or utilising a highlighter enabled preview in Drafts?

Thx for all the tips