Syntax: Markdown + extras (Inc. support for inline tags and inline block level filter queries...)

I think I previously shared this as some copy-and-paste code but not as a complete syntax file. It’s basically GitHub Markdown with support for wiki-links, primarily for anyone who might be interested in the block level filter action I put together. Also contains some other wiki-link syntax definitions that make my life easier (GoodTask, Raindrop, iThoughts and more).

Oh great. Now I have to decide if I want to hack Draftsdown into this or hack your changes into my also hacked version of Draftsdown! :scream:

Probably the latter, since otherwise I’d have to change the syntax of half my current Drafts, :smirk:. As much as I love Syntaxes, the problem is that once you modify anything you have to keep doing it.

BTW, did you put the Drafts Action you’re using to run Shortcuts from a wiki link anywhere?

So now you’ve got me thinking about the relative merits of MMD and GFM… and I’ll be combing through Draftsdown to see what I might want to bring over… :nerd_face:

Likewise, I’m wondering whether there’s an easier way to manage differences between syntaxes. I keep thinking about child themes on Wordpress where you can update the core theme while keeping your own hacks and adjustments intact. Or maybe some kind of feature chooser in the syntax directory that might allow you to choose a core/base syntax then select additional extensions/modules for further functionality to build your own syntax. That would allow tinkerers to focus on sharing extensions or modules that could be added to any syntax, while reducing the overhead of maintaining custom syntaxes. Maybe it would require specific extension/module classes that would map to key insertion points in core syntaxes?

Not sure how easy/possible it would be to dynamically generate JSON files like this, though. I’m sure @agiletortoise has hands full with other things… :wink:

Shortcuts Drafts action: good catch. I’ll put that up shortly.

Done. run shortcuts from wikilink | Drafts Directory

Thanks for the action. Now I’ve got no excuse not to tinker with the syntax.

I know what you mean, though about making them easier to update. Due to having a very old iPad and a lot of notes, I have to keep editing the autocomplete bit in any syntax I use to add a tag filter

As for Draftsdown, for me it’s just seeing incomplete tasks in the navigation menu.

Ahem. After all that, my syntax updates seem to have consisted of a cut and paste replacement of the link definitions block, not exactly rocket science, :relaxed:.

Also, I hate to say this, but I don’t think your People action is in the directory anywhere either. Not that I think I’ll be using it, but still.

I think this is why I don’t share a lot to the Actions Directory. All those moving parts.