Syntax development: refreshing syntax

Paging @sylumer: really appreciated your Drafts Syntax Development Tip | ThoughtAsylum post. Quick question: is switching the workspace absolutely necessary? I’d like to take advantage of this workflow, but if I could do it without adding two extra workspaces, that’d be a bonus…

The short answer is you can, but there’s always a “but”.

There was one bit when I was fiddling with this where to force a refresh of a theme you have to reload it. That’s what the workspace switching does. It switches themes.

Themes can impact your syntax, if you are developing the theme to populate alongside - which I was doing. There’s an intrinsic link there and I found myself developing them in tandem as the syntax became more functional and I wanted to add custom elements that were also uniquely attributed for presentation. I.e. Not just reusing bold details for something else, but adding my own stuff. At some point (soon?) I’ll finish it off, tidy it up, and post something.

So if you are only doing syntax things using more standard themes, then you can drop the workspace switching. But, I would certainly recommend boosting your themes along with your syntax. You can get some great results, and that’s when refreshing both the theme and the syntax together comes in handy.

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