Syncing when iCloud is disabled on work laptop?


my employer has turned off iCloud, and I regularly miss drafts that I’ve jotted down on my phone. They use Google Drive, and I’ve also set up Dropbox. Is there a way to use another cloud platform for syncing? I know that the Drafts team isn’t particularly keen in writing and maintaining their own server.


Only iCloud is available for sync. Drafts does not use files, so is not well-suited to sync via file-based cloud services like Dropbox/Google Drive.

Thanks, I got that much from the existing documentation.

I guess my question here is, is there a way to get around these two sad facts, that iCloud is disabled, and Drafts doesn’t work with files?

Maybe a way to use actions? Maybe a way to automate exporting and importing of drafts into files when they are tagged with something? Any solution?


There are lots of very similar discussions to this on the forum.

Maybe start with this one then expand your search if necessary?

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