Syncing option for drafts between devices on different iCloud accounts

I think there should be an option to create an account, and have drafts sync through that account.

Because for example I have my iPad on an iCloud account that I use for work. But then, I have my personal iCloud account on my personal phone.
I would like to be able to switch between my iPad, work phone, and personal phone and keep my drafts through them all.

But, however, I can’t because there is only an iCloud sync option…

For info - the sync system is built on Apple Cloud Kit, so it is fundamental to the current architecture. Adding and supporting other sync solutions will certainly have some technical dn resourcing challenges.

We do not have plans to support non-iCloud sync methods at this time. Understood that this is a limitation for some but we are not interested in running our own backend sync service.

We prefer the current situation where you only have to trust Apple (with their industry-leading security and privacy protections) with your data.

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