Symbols, icons - is there a list/explanation

I’m new to Drafts and only using it in a very basic way at present but am feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many icons/symbols in the action Bar and elsewhere that are not obvious to me. On the Mac you can hover over some to find what they are but not in IOS. As far as I can see the user guide does not help.
Why can’t there be some chart or whatever to explain them and to show which you need for certain purposes?

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Drafts is one of those tools where working through the user guide is worthwhile. Getting Started - Drafts User Guide and its subpages (e.g. on the editor: Editor - Drafts User Guide ) provided a good overview for me and describe the interface in detail. You can also keep a lot of icons pressed to see additional actions associated with them.

Drafts is one of these tools where it is

Hey dan240. Your action bar is really just a special view of an action group (a group of actions you can find listed on the right side of your interface). You probably have a few different action groups to select from, and one of them should correspond to the icons/options you can currently see in your action bar.

If I’m understanding you correctly, and you want to know more about any of the actions in your action bar, select the appropriate group in the list on the right hand side, and you should be able to see more detail about each one by going into edit view (swipe left on an action or long press).

I created my own Favourite action bar and only love what’s relevant there. I control what I want to see in the action bar and kept it as minimal as possible.