Support Jira Markup Language

Would it be possible to add basic support for Jira’s markup language? It’s similar to markdown, but it handles headers, code, and links differently. It would be awesome to have this as an option in Drafts.

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This is a pretty niche request that is not likely to ship with the app, but later this year I plan to ship custom syntax highlighting definition support - so it could easily be something created by the community once that is available.


I recognize that it’s an extremely niche request. Custom syntax highlighting would definitely do what I’m asking for, though! I’ll wait for that to come out. Thanks!

@arthurlockman @agiletortoise I have this need as well… I may be missing documentation on how custom syntax highlighting works (unless it didn’t end up shipping yet). If it has shipped, Arthur were you able to get it working for Jira markup?

That feature set isn’t out yet.