Support for non-iCloud Drive version

Due to work restrictions, I can not enable iCloud Drive on my work laptop but I am allowed to enable iCloud for other services. Are there any plans for a version that doesn’t require this restriction in the near future? I could really use a note-taking application and Apple Notes is not really working for me.


The latest version of Drafts is built on iCloud for syncing. I think it unlikely that any other options would emerge for some time. If ever.


I have the same issue (I assume many of us will) and I read on MacStories that Drafts for Mac uses CloudKit - not iCloud Drive - for synchronisation.
Does that make a difference?

CloudKit is (currently) available to Mac and IOS apps only. Whilst Apple is extending services to other platforms, I’m not sure what could/would/should drive them to implementing compatibility for Windows, or indeed any non-Apple platform. Maybe something one day?

FYI: CloudKit is actually available for web apps too.