Sunsetting iOS 12 support

I wanted to drop a note of warning that Drafts 26 is planned to be the last major feature release to support iOS 12.

There will likely be a couple more bug fix releases in the 26.x line that will still support iOS 12, but then it will be removed from new releases.

The last supported version will likely remain compatible and functional for sometime after that, but iOS 12 will stop receiving updates.

We try to remain compatible for a reasonably long time, but at a certain point it holds the app back from being able to take advantage of newer APIs and Frameworks - and the vast majority of Drafts users are on newer OS versions. <1% of active users remain on iOS 12.

There are no planned changes to the minimum macOS version (10.13 High Sierra) at this time, but that is being evaluated as well. I realize there are longer timeframe for Mac releases, and some people have machines that cannot update further than this version.

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