Suddenly add to Todoist and Evernote not working

Last night I found that I am unable to add to Todoist and Evernote from both my iPhone and iPad Drafts 5. I have tried 1) rebooting 2) “forgetting” both Todoist and Evernote credentials and 3) deleting Drafts5 and then reinstalling but I get the same triangle with an exclamation in a red banner indicating that it is not working.

Any ideas/suggestions?

When forgetting the credentials do you get prompted to re-enter them, and do the credentials work with direct login to the services?

There is something in the latest beta that may be relevant…

  • Fix: Issue where API calls in actions could fail inproperly if the OAuth token expired and needed to be refreshed.

… but that could well be a red herring given all your previous clear and uninstall actions. If you are on the beta though, it may be worth making sure that you are on the latest version.

Been helping @GTDNerd on this in a support request.

Turns out Todoist disabled some of their legacy API endpoints, I guess in the last 24 hours or so. Was not aware of this change coming and will have to update to the app to the new endpoints to fix Todoist integration.

(Not sure about his Evernote issues, waiting on more details - don’t think there’s anything going on at Evernote).

Well at least the Todoist one’s now understood. :+1:t2: