Substack, Drafts integration?

I know Substack doesn’t have an API. Is there any way to integrate Drafts with Substack?

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If there’s no API, then the next point would be to look at their apps and see if they have any integration through Shortcuts, AppleScript, URL schemes, etc. As far as I can see, they don’t have that.

After that you are effectively looking at copy and paste. In order to integrate with something, it has to offer some sort of integration option. However, Substack has not prioritised this.

Therefore the options to “integrate” are based around replicating manual interactions. If you are on a Mac, you could apply additional tools or perhaps AppleScript to do this, but the choices may well depend upon the complexity of interacting with Substack’s user interface.

The best option is of course to petition Substack for an API. If you look at all of the early Notion discussions, that’s what a significant portion of their user community did, and eventually, an API appeared.

Why companies build new platforms with no thought for integration or even using a core API as their platform is beyond me. It has been good practice to architect solutions with these considerations for rather a long time now.

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Not an answer about integration, but I’ve found it possible to preview a blog post in Drafts, copy the preview, and paste it directly into Substack. I’m following the same process with older blog posts: just copy the content as published in the browser, then paste it into Substack (editing to make whatever adjustments are appropriate).

I hope this helps.