Subscription sharing on work Mac and personal Mac

I have a work mbp/iphone and a personal mbp/iphone.

Bought pro subscription on ios, on personal phone - all personal devices unlocked.

On my work iphone, the drafts purchase also restored correctly. My icloud drive is able to be turned on the phone.

On my work mbp, I am allowed to login with my personal icloud account, and can access app store, and download and restore purchases for several apps I have bought over the years no problem (eg Omni group apps). But I am not allowed to access icloud files.

My work MBP steadfastly refuses to restore … “pro subscription not found”.

Is there some magical way to get my work MBP to recognise the subscription and unlock the extra features?

I don’t need icloud doc sync onto my work devices. In fact the work phone won’t allow it (icloud not available) but it has still unlocked.

iOS and Mac App Store purchases are separate and can only be restored on the platform the purchase was made. More details in the Pro FAQ