Strange typing problem

When I type a letter “v” in Drafts (and only in Drafts), it does not insert a “v”. Instead, an alert-type box pops up with a chime sounding like some Drafts Action, saying “Select All”. It then disappears. Nothing gets selected, but I am unable to type any word with a lowercase v in it. I have to type uppercase, then change case!

I suspect I installed some action that is treating “v’ like a keyboard shortcut, but I’ve gone thru the lists of actions I have (dozens) and looked at the keyboard shortcuts that are assigned and can’t find any with “v’.

Anyone have any ideas that might help me get rid of this problem?

Any chance you are using a smart keyboard? I find that sometimes my command key gets (invisibly) stuck and so a normal “v” ends up being interpreted as command-v.

I doubt that’s it. The fact that this occurs ONLY in Drafts, every time, and switching to Notes, say, the v key works as it should every time.

You could always create a new action and set its trigger key to v.

I think Drafts would indicate if there was a conflict you’ve missed—and tell you the name of the conflicting action.

Look in the log. It lists the actions that have been run on a draft. That should tell you which action is being triggered by pressing “v”.

I can’t imagine that you have tried to live with this for long so I strongly suspect that it will be one you have installed/modified recently.

On iPad you can hold down the command key to get an overlay of all keyboard shortcuts to find it. On Mac, browse in the “Actions” menu in the main menu - not ideal, but should help locate it.

:grinning: The log! That did it; an action titled SelectAll had “v” for a shortcut. I may have accidentally set that. Anyhow, I changed it and now I can use “v” again! Thanks. I’d never looked into the log before; what a useful feature!

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