[Stale] Mystery Icon in Import from Dropbox List

Greetings, folks!

As noted on the “Using Dropbox with Drafts” page:

With the Dropbox app installed on your iOS device, files can be imported by tapping and holding the “+” new draft button in the editor, and selecting “Import file”.

When I select that button and go to a specific directory in my Dropbox hierarchy, there is sometimes an existing file that suddenly appears with a plus sign (“+”) for an icon. I can find no reference as to what that plus sign means. I ask because without a reliable way to sync to my Dropbox files, I sometimes find that data in my text files gets deleted without warning and I wonder if that icon might be a clue.

What does that mysterious icon mean?

Blessings, and thank you!

Do you see that same phenomenon if you are browsing Dropbox in the iOS Files app? I would expect you to see the same behavior there.

If you are using the import feature, once the file selection browser pops open, you are no longer in Drafts, but in a file selection interface provided by iOS. Within that, “File Providers” are provided by the Dropbox app that allow your files to appear and be selected. Sort of convoluted to explain, but it’s likely something to do with oddly named files in your Dropbox, or a bug in the Dropbox app displaying those files.

You can also get files from Dropbox imported to Drafts by starting in the Files app or Dropbox app and using “Open in” features to open the file with Drafts.