Spooked - missing data

I had a note that I used to keep track of personal progress.

Months later, I had amended it to include additional information I’d like to keep.

Looking at the note just now and I discovered that all of the additional information had been deleted.

I was able to find it in the version history and reenable that.

This really freaks me out. What’s to stop it from just removing information at random again?

Maybe someone has an idea of why this happened and what I can do to prevent it from happening again. This makes me very concerned to even use this program any further. The one thing I cannot tolerate is missing data.

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Drafts sync uses a “last edit wins” strategy. Most likely, you edited the same draft on a different device (maybe without realizing it, just had it open and made a minor change - one of the devices was offline, something like that), before it was able to update to the latest version, and those edits trumped other edits.

There are arguments for different approaches here, but Drafts errs to the side of not interrupting you with a conflict.

It’s unlikely you would lose any data. That’s what the version history is for, but rather than popping up and interrupting you with message about detected conflicts, and forcing you to make snap decisions about which version is correct, Drafts just goes with the most recent.


Thank you for the reply.

I can see what you are saying. And that may well have happened actually.

When I saw the version control with the various different versions and how quickly it was able to be restored, it really set me at ease.