Split or second editor pane

Great advances with recent updates —but could I request a second editor pane? I do a lot of writing which requires two panes. Now possible with Mac app with floating panes. The best implementation of this is Ulysses where you drag a sheet to left or right and they sit together tightly… but of course I prefer to work in Drafts! A second editor in the pane feels neater and more secure.

Thanks again for continuing and excellent development.

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You are aware of iPad OS 13, right? :slight_smile:

No, I hadn’t got beyond the emojis and tweaks to Apple’s own apps, but I have now seen that Slide Over is promised for all, which will be good.

The solution I have briefly described (I regret the reference to a competitive app but the implementation is really good!) is, I believe, a much better writers’/editors’ solution. And Drafts stands for excellent engineering, right?

iPadOS 13 Split View, rather than Slide Over, is what will give you what you are describing.

Presumably there is some work @agiletortoise has to do to make this work right.

Me too. Being able to have to Drafts open on my Mac at the same time would be really useful.

(Sadly my iPad is too old for split view)