Split or second editor pane

Great advances with recent updates —but could I request a second editor pane? I do a lot of writing which requires two panes. Now possible with Mac app with floating panes. The best implementation of this is Ulysses where you drag a sheet to left or right and they sit together tightly… but of course I prefer to work in Drafts! A second editor in the pane feels neater and more secure.

Thanks again for continuing and excellent development.

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You are aware of iPad OS 13, right? :slight_smile:

No, I hadn’t got beyond the emojis and tweaks to Apple’s own apps, but I have now seen that Slide Over is promised for all, which will be good.

The solution I have briefly described (I regret the reference to a competitive app but the implementation is really good!) is, I believe, a much better writers’/editors’ solution. And Drafts stands for excellent engineering, right?

iPadOS 13 Split View, rather than Slide Over, is what will give you what you are describing.

Presumably there is some work @agiletortoise has to do to make this work right.