Split one Drafts Note into multiple Notes

I’m trying to move multiple notes from Ulysses to Drafts. I have notes grouped into Groups at Ulysses. If I choose Quick Export > Text > Markdown > Drafts, it works perfectly. But it lumps all notes into one big file in Drafts.

How do I split this file into multiple notes in Drafts? If it helps, each note starts with the Headline1 tag (#).

You might find a quick Shortcut is the best way to handle a task like importing from another app.

Here’s a quick example that prompts you to select a group from Ulysses, and imports the text from each sheet in that group as a new draft in Drafts - assigning the tag “ulysses-import” for identification:

You can tweak it to your liking once installed. Note that I’m running on betas right now, so it’s possible this imported shortcut might have issues - let me know if so.

Here’s the content of the shortcut, it’s only a few steps:

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Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the quick response.

Very impressive. For which other apps are such shortcuts available, any idea?

Just depends on their support for querying information. Anything file-based would be easy. I know Bear has support for searching notes via Shortcuts. I haven’t looked around at too many others.