Split Markdown text to multiple sheets in Ulysses

Split Markdown text to sheets in Ulysses

If you want to import a long markdown document into Ulysses, but don’t like to manually split it into separate sheets/chapters/sections, this action does it for you:

Split to Ulysses | Drafts Action Directory

  • Splits text blocks by Markdown heading levels and
  • exports them to new Ulysses group as multiple sheets
  • in correct order (use manual sort in group).

I just tried this and it worked just as described. I like that you select the heading level at which to split as part of the action. Makes sense, since that can vary (acts/chapters/scenes/etc.).

So, thanks for sharing!

(And since I just spent the afternoon doing this manually, I know this will be useful and appreciated. Because hindsight. :roll_eyes:)