Specify from/sender address when sending draft in email

Is there a way to specify the sending address in an email action? I have multiple email accounts configured on my iPad and when I send a Draft to OneNote, it needs to be sent from a specific email address for OneNote to process it properly. But I don’t see this as a setting in the Drafts action nor in the Drafts email script object.

Unfortunately not. iOS limitation…presumably for security reasons, so apps can’t phish for your email addresses.

Thanks. So should I assume the sender will always be the one specified in Settings -> Mail -> Default Account?

Yes, I think that should be the case…but it’s not behavior specified by Apple, so I don’t know that it’s 100% reliable.

I ran into this too the other day. I was wondering whether the background send option could be modified to allow a ‘plus address’ tag to be added to the standard sending email address.

i.e. Instead of all emails showing as being from:


It would be:


As it’s a standard way of sub-addressing emails I would hope that it wouldn’t cause delivery problems.

I don’t know if this would work for Onenote, because it depends on you being able to add an arbitrary ‘sending’ email address, but it would work for my application.