Space Key as an addressable keyboard shortcut

A common feature in many IDEs is to use the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + Space to trigger an autocomplete shortcut. I’d love the ability to replicate that within Drafts.

Sample Use Case

Inside a wiki-style link (e.g: [[Link to another draft]]), an action could be triggered using Ctrl + Space which uses the existing typed text (if any present) to try and find a matching draft. If nothing found, it pops up a Quick Search dialog to allow you to narrow it down.

Known Constraints

  • Must be paired with a Modifier
  • Can’t be paired with the Command Key
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I don’t know about the specific Shortcut, but here’s the action I use for the actual wiki autocomplete

That link just seems to be to the directory rather than a specific action.

Just for general knowledge (for those who don’t already know): ctrl + space on iPadOS toggles between virtual keyboards. Paired with a key command for activating/dismissing the onscreen keyboard, this is actually quite handy, say if you have a third party keyboard that offers some value beyond whatever external hardware keyboard you use… :nerd_face:

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Thanks for sharing that. I definitely wasn’t aware of that and I don’t yet see a way to disable/change that keyboard shortcut. I can definitely see how it’d be useful for some people but I’d love to see that be customizable. The Globe Key already has that same functionality (if using an Apple keyboard).

I wonder if Apps have the ability to override that setting? If so then maybe there’d be a hope for me yet in Drafts

Knowing Apple, I can imagine how something like this might be untouchable on iPadOS! But likewise: curious.

I’m a mechanical keyboard kinda guy. No Globe key for me. That said, I’ve heard it’s going to have a lot more functionality in iOS 15. It’d certainly be appreciated if Apple gave us a few more options for remapping modifiers (I’m already considering whether it’ll be worth remapping my Caps Lock key to be a Globe…)

Oops, I edited the post, sorry about that.

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I’m in the same position, not a mechanical, but no globe key. It’s even worse for me, because I’ve already remapped the caps lock key to be the Voiceover prefix key. The only other option for that is I think cmd-option, which means I’m going to have to change a bunch of Drafts shortcuts. Ah, the joys of new operating systems :smirk:.