Sort Drafts By A Numerical Field

Can someone help me?

I have drafts with the text “Episode: “ followed by a number, starting with 01.

I want to find the drafts with an episode followed by a number and then sort the drafts numerically in descending order.

Is this possible?

Is this a one-time task, or something you going to have a repeated need for?

Do the drafts all start with that text? If yes, you could just search above the draft list for “title:Episode” and sort the list by “Text” to get them all in order.

Not sure what you want to do with them once you have them sorted, however.

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Thank you. I imagined something more complicated using JS, but I like the simplicity of moving the “Episode” to the title with the person’s name below it.

If this is something you are doing regularly, I might suggestion you consider tagging these drafts with episode (or the show name, or whatever), so they can be more accurately filtered easily - and, also, consider setting up an “Episodes” workspace with the filtering and sort options pre-selected so you can easily get a view of just those drafts.


Great suggestion. Thank you.